Product details of ESPL Earthing system

Earthing Electrode:

Size: Dia- 80mm / Length 3mtrs

electrodesThere are two electrodes of B-class mild steel (hot dip galvanized) one inside the other, inside space is filled with corrosion resistance and highly conductive crystalline mixture.


Length                                                   : 3 mtrs
Outer Electrode Dia                                : 80MM
Inner Electrode Dia                                 : 40MM
Terminal Hole Dia                                  : 14MM
Outer Electrode Wall Thickness               : 16swg (1.626mm)
Inner Electrode Wall Thickness               : 12swg (2.641mm)
Hot dip Galvanization                             : Outer Electrode 80-100 Ω / Inner Electrode 250-300 Ω
Space inside Electrode                            : Tightly filled with Crystalline  Conductor Mixture.


Back Fill Compound:

It contains eco-friendly material which maintains moisture and enhances conductivity around the electrode. It does not mix or leach in to the soil. It improves electrode performance and protects the system in corrosive environment.


Product benefits are:

  1. It is readymade, Hi-Tech, Strong & Maintenance Free Earthing System.
  2. Maintenance Free: No need to pour water at regular interval- except in sandy soil.
  3. Consistency: Maintain stable and consistent earth resistance around the year.
  4. More Surface Area: The conductive compound creates a conductive zone, which provides the increased surface area for peak current dissipation. And also get stable reference point.
  5. Built in terminal for onward connectivity.
  6. Carries high peak current repeatedly.
  7. No corrosion. Eco Friendly. Very Long Service Life, 20+ years.
  8. As per IS: 3043- 1987.
  9. Low Earthing Resistance (below one ohm over the soil resistance is ensured.


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