E.S.P.L. CAC Grounding System

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(a) CAC Technology Electrode

There are two electrodes of B-Class mild steel/ copper (Hot Dip Galvanized) one inside the other, inside space is filled with corrosion resistance & highly conductive crystalline mixture.

Product Line:

  • Copper Bonded- 50mm / 2 meters
  • Copper Bonded- 50mm/ 3 meters
  • Copper Bonded- 80mm/ 2 meters
  • Copper Bonded- 80mm/ 3 meters
  • GI Make- 50mm/ 2 meters
  • GI Make- 50mm/ 3 meters
  • GI Make- 80mm/ 3 meters

(b) Back Fill Compound

It contains Eco- friendly material which maintains moisture and enhances conductivity around the electrode. It does not mix or leach in to the soil. It improves electrode performance and protects the system in corrosive environment.

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